Technical Track

TT 05 - ICT enabled Healthcare

TT 05 - ICT enabled Healthcare


Hao Wang, , and Zhibo Pang, , and Geng Yang, Zhejiang University, China

Track Topics

  • Smart Sensing and analysis for Healthcare
  • Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks, 5G, and other communications for Healthcare
  • Industrial Internet-of-Things for Healthcare
  • Industrial Cloud and Edge/Fog Computing for Healthcare
  • Industrial Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare
  • Robotics, Robotic Systems and Robotic Informatics for Healthcare
  • Human-Robot Interfaces, Interactions, and Symbiosis for Healthcare
  • Modelling, Scheduling and Optimization of Healthcare Processes for Healthcare
  • Digitization of Healthcare Enterprises and Systems for Healthcare
  • Industrial Cyber Physical Systems and Digital Twins for Healthcare
  • New Design Paradigms, Methodologies, and Service Models of Healthcare
  • Interoperability and Standardization for Heterogeneous Devices and Systems of Healthcare